195 Words To Keep You Going If You Feel Down

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By Todd Brison

Maybe you think it’s easy.

Maybe you had rich parents.

Maybe you inherited the perfect network.

Maybe you were able to party through school and still get what you want.

Maybe you simply have enough raw talent to get by.

Maybe you don’t have to worry about the future.

Maybe you already achieved all you desire.

Maybe you’re not like me.

But maybe …

Maybe you have idea and nothing else.

Maybe you count on your creativity to keep you alive.

Maybe you can’t imagine one more second stuck in a job you hate.

Maybe you are insane enough to believe your dream is worth pursuit.

Maybe you realized, suffocating under an avalanche of meaningless days which turned into meaningless years, that Comfort is a misleading swindler and its twitchy, nervous twin brother Safety is even more crooked.

Or maybe you hadn’t realized that yet. Don’t worry, you will soon.

Maybe your inner voice tells you “don’t give up yet.”

Maybe that voice is telling you the truth.

Maybe you think you were born for more.

There is a reason for that.

You are.

Recently, a random person pushed me across the 50,000 follower(!) mark on Medium. I wish I knew who it was. So much influence is insane to me.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I think it happened because I do things like this:

If you are struggling now, if you need encouragement, text me today. Here is my personal cell phone number. I will get back to you as soon as possible:


(And I figured out how to use WhatsApp this time… apologies to all the messages I missed last time)

I love you. I believe in you. You will change the world.

Much love,

— Todd B

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1. Being intimidated by something new is always better than being bored.

2. Failure will always be more admirable than sitting unscathed on the sidelines.

3. I would rather be someone who does something than someone who just tells others what they’re doing wrong.

4. If the thing I am currently chasing after was easy to achieve, everybody would do it and it wouldn’t be special.

5. This isn’t the first time in my life I’ve been scared and it won’t be the last, so I might as well learn how to keep living and doing and creating in spite of the fear.

6. The most admired and successful people in the world were not free of insecurity or error or self-doubt; they just kept showing up and trying, no matter how many times it took, until they got what they wanted.

7. The regret from not having done something is always so much worse than the apprehension or uncertainty that comes with doing something that can be scary.

8. Laying in bed and hiding from the world feels fantastic, but only for a very short while.

9. And eventually, staying under the covers and avoiding the real world moves from a pleasant avoidance to an extremely painful and uncomfortable restlessness that can only be soothed with action.

10. What I must remember is that everyone else is too focused on their own lives to worry too much about mine.

11. …So why am I wasting so much of my time worrying about what they think?

12. Doing something will always make me feel better than complaining, even if it’s the more uncomfortable or difficult option.

13. I am my own harshest critic, so what I really need to do is just tell Pessimistic Me to shut the hell up.

14. I’m going to have a lot of blunders in whatever it is that I do before I actually get things right each time; but with each blunder, I’m only that much closer to the final successful turnout.

15. I know myself better than anyone else, I’ve made it this far, and I will continue to take care of myself the same way I always have.

16. Some days will suck, and that’s okay, because it’s the worst days, not the best ones, that inspire people to work harder and to be better.

17. Going after something they wanted, even after they began to feel inadequate and unworthy, is what separates those who succeeded from those who didn’t.

18. As the saying goes, I’ve survived 100% of my worst days, so I just need to keep going.

19. I cannot forget that sometimes a hot cup of tea and a long sleep can do wonders.

20. Breathe: when things get to be too much, I need to truly, seriously focus on breathing.

21. I would never speak to someone I love with cruelty or harshness, so why would it ever be okay to speak to myself that way?

22. Being lost or listless is okay, as long as I’m doing everything in my power not to accept it as the norm.

23. There’s always a chance that I will fail, but what kind of person am I if I’m going to let that alone stop me?

24. I’m lucky enough to have the luxury of worrying about self-realization and happiness, since my most basic needs of food, shelter, and safety are secure; that’s something I should never allow myself to take for granted.

25. I will always be more than just my accomplishments.

26. Fear is what forces me to fly.

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You are the architect of your owner destiny; you are the master of your own fate; you are behind the steering wheel of your life. There are no limitations to what you can do, have, or be. Accept the limitations you place on yourself by your own thinking.