7Cups – A Mental Health App You Need To Check Out!

7 Cups is one of the coolest Mental Health Apps that i have probably ever found! And i have checked out most of them on the app store.

HERE are some reasons..

*It is COMPLETELY FREE unless you opt to use their service which matches you to a licensed therapist. You still have the ability to match with a trained “Listener” on the app, though! and completely for free!
*EVERY mental health topic you can think of is covered on this service. It caters to all populations.
*There are opportunities for 1-on-1 chats with a Listener, or.a group support chat. Also, there are different community forums to post on and read.
*You can be a member AND a listener. Becoming a listener entails a short training course, and you can help others through their problems at the same time you can work on your own.
*SO many more.

I mostly use the Listener account on this app – i find it extremely interesting and rewarding. They offer courses to take to hone your skills on any of the 30+ subcategories of mental health, and I could go on and on..

So, if you are struggling, or just curious.. check it out! I will attach my link — @MeeelsR

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