How Getting To Know Your Body Will Help You Know Your Mind (And Resolve Stress)

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Aletheia Hunn started her business, Founded Wellness, to bring the benefits of yoga, meditation, and other wellness tools into the workplace.


It’s no surprise that workplace wellness is one of the sectors predicted to see the strongest future growth by the Global Wellness Institute. Given the number of hours spent at work during a lifetime—feeling good at work matters, and, it also has a flow-on effect to other areas of your life.

CBI report late last year showed that “1.3 million people suffered from new or longstanding work-related illnesses” in the previous year and “up to 5 million workers are thought to suffer from a mental health condition each year”.

So, what’s missing to get people feeling good?

Aletheia Hunn, Founder, and Director of Founded Wellness believes that it’s all about having a greater understanding of the connection between your body and your mind. Nobody is exempt from well-being. It comes from an ability to be aware of what’s happening in a holistic way, in order to know how to navigate yourself back to balance.

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Founder, Aletheia Hunn, believes working with both the body and the mind can bring about balance for individuals and their employers.


Having started her wellness business two and a half years ago, she says she’s been wearing many different hats and has at times spread herself thin. However, it’s been the permission to take time out and the awareness of the ‘intelligence of her body’ she now has that allows her to keep coming back to center much quicker.

Staying stuck in a heightened stress cycle for too long leads to things like chronic anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and a suppressed your immune system. So having the awareness and tools to ‘come back to center’ quickly is critical to your long-term health and well-being—it’s not just about feeling good at the office.

Aletheia says that many people either don’t have access to that kind of ‘time out’ in their workplace, or rather, the idea of stopping in the first place just feels too challenging and uncomfortable, so it doesn’t happen. She says there needs to be more of a meeting in the middle for both employers and employees to “create a bit more lightness”.

Her own experience of wellness, particularly her yoga training, was born out of a desire to simply ‘feel better’ in her personal and professional life. At a time where she was in that “classic, slightly stressed London life”, she said her physical activity was much more ‘mindless’ and focused on driving the next ‘personal best’. Which meant both her body and her mind were constantly active.

Aletheia suggests that when we’re stressed or feeling the day to day pressures we’ve lost that sense of connection with our bodies (and minds). Bringing about balance is about understanding what it is you need most in those moments. Too often we keep pushing on, instead of acknowledging how we’re feeling. She believes there’s so much intelligence in our bodies to support us back to balance but we’re not giving ourselves permission to take notice.

Practices like yoga and meditation help to regulate those emotional responses in the body. And there are numerous studies showing the negative impacts on physical health when you don’t regulate, and instead, stay in heightened states of stress for too long.

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Practices such as yoga and meditation can help regulate emotional responses that trigger stress.


Which is why at Founded Wellness they’ve been focused on bringing the benefits of yoga, meditation, and other wellness activities out of studios and clinics and into the workplace.

We’re passionate about supporting the working population, those in great need of more attention and care for their wellbeing. Our ambition is simple, to improve how everyone lives and feels each day at work.

For Aletheia now, she’s much more mindful about knowing when and why she’d slow down to bring herself into balance. And this helps her spot her owns signs of stress too—anything from sleep being impacted to feeling like she’s not able to engage in anything fully—much more quickly.

And that’s really what it’s all about. When it comes to workplace wellness it’s all about giving people ways to spot their own signs of stress and imbalance faster, enabling them to bring more of that harmony into their lives which ultimately impacts their work too. A mentally happy workplace is interdependent with employee engagement, productivity and even profits.

Aletheia suggests that something as simple as a yoga class can bring that sense of inspiration into the workplace and create a bit more lightness for people to spark their own journeys back to connection.

Aletheia Hunn is one of eight UK ‘Women In Wellness’ I interviewed across different types and stages of business, to understand how they are growing successful businesses whilst bringing balance and well-being into their own lives. Business Coach and Founder of Welltodo, Lauren Armes, also talked about the importance of feeling good and doing what you loveThe remaining articles will be published throughout March in celebration of International Women’s Day.

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