Please, Don’t Let Work Consume You

I’m sad, because what is happening to him is what happened to me and it didn’t end up well. When we spoke at night, I tried to make my point. I tried to tell him that nothing is more important than our wellbeing and there is no money or awards in the world that can restore us once we get fully destroyed on the inside. He told me though that sometimes it was worth to be unhappy for a while in order to achieve something greater. I understood his message. He is a physicist working on cancer. And yet, I felt that it wasn’t completely right. After a short while, he went to sleep and we hanged up. I was outside in the football field, sitting on the floor and stretching after a short walk. I laid back and gazed the stars. Fat and warm tears rolled down my face. I felt it was the beginning of the end, and today I couldn’t avoid but be anxious all day. I had flashbacks of our good times and I felt an immense sadness over the possibility of losing him as I once knew him.

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