Four Daily Habits That Build Self-Confidence

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Answer by Joan Rosenberg, Psychologist, TEDx Speaker and Professor, on Quora:

Throughout all my years of clinical work, I’ve identified at least six ways people build confidence, four of them you can certainly practice daily. The first is to allow yourself to experience and move through the full range of your feelings – pleasant and unpleasant. This helps you “know what you know” as opposed to avoiding and “trying not to know what you know”. I primarily talk about dealing with eight unpleasant feelings (sadness, shame, helplessness, anger, vulnerability, embarrassment, disappointment and frustration). This is the start of building confidence. The second is to express yourself (in a positive, kind and well-intentioned manner) by telling the truth of what you experience. The third is to take actions or do things that move you toward your goals even if it seems hard to take those risks. With both speaking up and taking action, it is not that you have confidence and then speak or do something; instead, it is through speaking and taking action that you develop confidence. The fourth is to accept the genuine compliments you receive.