PROJECTION – they accuse us of EVERYTHING they really are AND what THEY are doing to us! We are their dumping ground for everything from their lies, their disdain of life, their betrayal, and just for the sport of managing us down so they feel powerful and in control of their own emptiness! There is […]

via Narcissistic Projection. — After Narcissistic Abuse

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ॐ Mina R.

❁ Mina R ↠26 years old. Mental Health Blogger -I Keeps It Real { & FUN!} ☽ → Dog mom, Cannabis Enthusiast, Snowboarder ❅, Wine Seller, Unicorn, Mentally Ill Bad Bitch.

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      1. So…when I commented on ur blog, it gave me the option, / I checked, the “get notified of future posts” box. So I’m almost certainly following ur blog, w/the possible exception that I’m not a registered/official follower. Still; if I can find a way to correct that final detail, I will.

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