Who The Hell Am I & Why Bother Reading My Posts?

HEYLO… call me Mina, or Amelia. Here is a picture of a baby alpaca I just got, that is made from REAL F’N BABY ALPACA FUR! (Her name is Bettie Page).

Anyways, I currently am living in Portland, Oregon with my boyfriend & my dog. PROUD DOG MOM ALL DAY. (his name happens to be Fox). 

*this is called a sploot, if you didn’t know. –>

I work on a vineyard as a “Tasting Room Associate.” The irony in this is that we moved all the way to Oregon because I was accepted into a doctorate program with a focus on substance abuse. SoOoOo… a 180 in the whole career thing.

I’m from the East Coast ~ New York & Massachusetts, but Cape Cod is where I grew up. I lived in New Orleans for 5 years for undergrad have a degree in Psychology.


I am no pro but I have seen some shit. I have a list of different psychological diagnoses & feel like the poster child for Big Pharma at times. I decided to start a blog after a failed suicide attempt that I swore I’d keep a secret… it is cathartic, but heavy. Really heavy. I never sleep, don’t leave my house without my xanax, and try to avoid small talk like the plague. Buttttt we’re all just getting by & that’s what this is all about. 

I grew up in and around addiction, and have struggled and continue to struggle with an addictive AF personality. I used to hate the saying “one day at a time,” I don’t anymore. I haven’t struggled with any significant substance .issues since 2011, but it’s always there.

Most of the relationships that I stay in turned out to be toxic, with the exception of my boyfriend now. He is the fkn best, and never judges or manipulates. I don’t deserve him.

I am a firm believer of using Cannabis …..for anything, really. So there’s that.

….I don’t really have an answer about why you should read stuff that I share. Maybe because I just want to spread the word about living honestly in the lens of mental illness but still making it through, and make 0 bucks typing these words. Zilch. That’s not the point.

I’ll share more later! It got weird talking about myself so much.


*Me as a child. Yes, I’m serious. I also had to wear headgear at night around this time.
& yes, that’s pleather.

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