These are officially the safest destinations for solo travel in 2019

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Solo travel is on the rise but if you are lucky enough to get to go off travelling by yourself, you need to be assured of your safety. Help is at hand as a new report entitled the ‘Solo Travel Safety Report 2019’ has compiled data to find the safest solo traveldestinations for 2019.

The safest destinations for solo travellers have been revealed. Image: Buena Vista Images

The report was put together by travel website, and it advises travellers on where to go and how to stay safe while travelling around the world, giving an overview of the safest, riskiest, most peaceful and hostile countries. It is based on the population of that country’s feeling of safety and security, and the report combines its findings with advice and tips from the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Data was sourced both from the Gallup Global Law and Order Report and Global Peace Index 2018. For the Gallup report, residents of 142 countries were questioned about how safe they feel walking alone at night, their confidence with local police, whether they had been assaulted or mugged and more. The responses were compiled into a Law and Order Index score for each country, and the safest destinations for solo travel around the world were found to be 1. Singapore 2. Norway 3. Iceland 4. Finland 5. Uzbekistan 6. Hong Kong 7. Switzerland 8. Canada 9. Indonesia and 10. Denmark.

Cuba reigns as the fastest growing female solo travel hotspot. Image: JulieanneBirch

The Global Peace Index was produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace and is considered to be the world’s leading measure of global peacefulness. It ranks Iceland as the most peaceful country in the world, a position it has held since 2008, followed by Norway, Denmark, Singapore and New Zealand.

Residents of 142 countries were questioned about how safe they feel for the survey. Image by ©Justin Foulkes/Lonely Planet

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