Snowboarding & Self-Care Series: Preparation

Whether you already snowboard or not, things like this “snowboarding checklist” will have you prepared with all of your gear, so when you get to the mountain & realize you are one glove short, or forgot your goggles, you won’t have to break the bank getting replacements.


The Preparation Checklist you should have before starting snowboarding:

  1.    Board and the bindings

There are different types of boards like freestyle, alpine and freeride. Freestyle boards are the most suitable for beginners. They are shorter than the other types and are easier to control. The bindings come with the snowboard. They fasten your boot to the snowboard and come in different sizes. Choose the best fit with the help of the store employees.

  1.    Snowboard boots

These specialized boots connect you to the board. It is recommended not to rent one because they may not be a perfect fit for your foot. Buy a pair that fits snugly but not overly tight or restrictive. The good ones are designed to be light, waterproof and rugged.

  1.    Socks

Good quality snowboard socks are very essential to keep feet dry. It should be made of a material that wicks out moisture. It should be thick enough to prevent chaffing from the shoes, but not so thick as to cause feet to sweat too much and lose warmth.

  1.    Head protection

Protecting the head is paramount. Find a good quality snowboard helmet that is lightweight, strong and snug fitting. It will protect your head and keep you warm.

  1.    Jacket and pants

A good snowboard attire should have a windproof and waterproof outer layer. It should wick away the sweat and be tough enough to protect the skin from abrasion during falls. The pants should be breathable and waterproof as well. Good ones prevent water from getting in during falls.

  1.    Inner layer for insulation and protection

These are worn beneath the jacket and pants. They are crucial for insulation. Cotton is not recommended, as it is neither breathable nor waterproof. Wool and synthetic fabrics are best suited. On colder days, an additional middle layer will be necessary to stay warm.

  1.    Gloves

Your hands will almost always come into contact with the snow. You need a durable set of waterproof gloves specialized for snowboarding. This will keep your hands warm and dry, and also protect them during falls. Ensure that they fit snugly before buying.

  1.    Goggles

They are a very important safety accessory. A good pair of snowboard goggles will shade the eye from snow glare. It will also shield the sensitive eyes from wind and falling debris or snow when riding down the mountain.

  1.    Additional protective gear

Protective gears such as- the butt pad, knee pad, and wrist guard are a must. They give additional protection to the vulnerable areas. Using them may prevent a serious injury which might cut your snowboarding vacation short.

  1.    Miscellaneous

Carry a good sunblock with a high SPF content. Mountain sun can be harsh at times. Carry a good lip balm and moisturizer. Mountain air can be rough on your skin. Besides, get a tough, weatherproof case for your mobile. You can carry it along to take pictures and for calling for help during emergencies.

Snowboarding is an extreme sport. It is of utmost importance that the equipment meets all the recommended safety standards. A good piece of equipment instills confidence that nothing else can match.

The above list may be numbered, but please understand that each item is vital. Snowboarding is extreme and thrilling. This sport will become thoroughly enjoyable with adequate preparation and good quality equipment.

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