❆ Snowboarding & Self Care Series: Introduction

Everything seemed to fall into place and snowboarding was at the center. I hadn’t experienced genuine bliss in f$%^ knows how long. The complete road block I was experiencing when it came to identifying and planning out goals cleared itself when I was on that mountain, and that is where I have decided to place my focus on self-care while recovering from depression.

Where I live in Oregon, you can go snowboarding or skiing YEAR.FREAKING.ROUND. & I live less than an hour and a half away from the closest of the THREE lodges on Mt. Hood. I have no excuse other than laziness… or.. laziness, to not make it up there at least somewhat frequently

The tickets area more than affordable for a lift ticket & I don’t mind going alone, half the time I prefer it. There shouldn’t be anything hindering my new life plan.

This series will be about how snowboarding is helping me get over depression, a failed suicide attempt, and the journey that I HOPE TO FUCK I actually stick with. I know that if I am able to carve out time and maintain motivation, I’ll be on that mountain.

The rest will be left to see…

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