The Meaning Behind The Blog Name ~ Fox&Co.

Right after we adopted little Fox. He demanded to be between my boyfriend & me. Hasn’t really moved since.

It took me close to 24 hours staring at the computer to come up with the PERFECT FKN NAME that all of the websites had some sort of opinion about. Yes, I want a name where people will be able to find the sort of resources that they may find on my blog, but I don’t have the goal of profit or anything. After massive overthinking and a minor mental breakdown, I settled on a name I LIKED- Fox&Co. My page mostly focuses on Mental Health but has other topics that are part of my life sprinkled in.

Christmas-time Fox. Dapper AF.

Fox is my dog. My Pudge. The freakin’ love of my boyfriend’s and my life. He and I are the “Co.” He is my sunshine and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for a blog about my life and experiences. I came up with a ton of punny names for a mental health blog that would have touch on a lot of different aspects of life.. but they all seemed so meaningless. When I typed out “Fox&Co.” it just made me happy and looked right.

So. That’s about it. Nothing really super interesting but I know I may wonder what it meant if I randomly came across it in the cyber world.
Bye y’all

Happy post-walk Pudge

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