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New Solar Farms Could Offer Sweet Source of Salvation for Dwindling Honeybee Populations

Bees are more important to the entire survival of the world as we know it, and while I am not really generally a super environmentally conscious person, this is super important to everyone’s day-to-day lives50196287_391811021587744_6365230713372934144_n


Small Ways You Can Help #SaveTheBees



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  1. Looking for the Light

    We need Bee’s badly, if they are gone we will suffer greatly. I don’t think the general public understand what Bee’s do and how they put food on our table, flowers, all plants need a transport and Bee’s are the friendly one. I have about a doze that come to my rosemary bush, it’s blooming and they love the blooms. I sit and watch, they aren’t aggressive, one will come check me out and then go back to drinking from the flowers. When it was really hot I made what I thought would be a good resting spot with water and lots little branches on top but they weren’t interested. Have a blessed day.

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