Registering an Emotional Support Animal (for LEGITIMATE REASONS)

*my actual puppyyyy*

When I first got my puppy at 7 weeks old, I had no idea what an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) was. Neither my boyfriend or I really cared about the extra rent expenses and the costs that come with getting a dog because we were head over heels for the floppy eared freak. This pupper was later named Fox, and is the namesake for this blog. I had already recognized the positivity and joy that Fox brought to my life, and frequently mentioned him when discussing self care techniques in my Psychology Ph.D classes. When my boyfriend & I were moving & the new apartment complex did not accept dogs younger than a year (Fox was 6 months) I was told about registering him as an ESA. I had heard a lot of people registered their pets as ESA’ s to allow them to fly free, and avoid pet addendums on rent leases, but I wasn’t fucking around when I said the little dude was my world. The problem was, my psychiatrist didn’t grant those sorts of letters, so I had to seek outside resources to get the letter. This is the website that I used, and all you do is fill out some intake questions, schedule a call interview with a licensed psychologist, and if all checks out the next day you receive your letter.

Once again, not compensated for this. I just know how much having Fox has helped my mental state in more ways than I can count.

Check it out:

The Official ESA Registration of America


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